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Open House

20 July

Hosting an Open House

Open house parties are a great way to invite a group of house seekers to view a property. Inviting potential buyers to these type of events puts a Real Estate’s business on the market. Opening your property to prospect investors exposes the properties features and benefits. Altogether, open house parties make a property desirable to many, but available to the highest investor.

Showcases House Features

Hosting an open house party in an empty property gives a Real Estate agent the opportunity to showcase a property’s special features. For Example, if a property has a desirable walk-in closet you could partner with a local boutique and fill the closet with clothes. Giving your guests ideas on how it looks as a home lets them appreciate the features of a home. Another good example is partnering with a catering service and making the kitchen a main feature.


Prepare Property Description

One of the major perks of hosting an open house party is being able to inform brokers and potential buyers the unique features the home has to offer. Having the property description and neighboring facts will help the selling be simple and efficient. Talk about percentages and relate them to benefits, share fun facts about the area, and share about security.



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